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Name: Cristina Hoyos Panadero

CRISTINA HOYOS PANADERO, Spanish dancer, choreographer and actress. Known worldwide with its own artistic name of CRISTINA HOYOS, the Andalusian was born in Seville on June 13,1946.

Cristina Hoyos' dance has always distinguished itself for its great technique, achieved thanks to the learning of great masters like Farruco, Pastora Imperio, Manuela Vargas or Gades himself. 

Cristina Hoyos has danced since she was twelve years old, she debuted in the Spanish Pavilion Theater at the World Fair in New York and then danced in the tablaos until 1969 when she became Antonio Gades' dance partner. When the Gades company dissolved, Cristina Hoyos created her own show in which she performed as a solo flamenco dancer. Thanks to this staging she achieved the reputation of best flamenco dancer in Japan.

Cristina Hoyos also danced in Sevillian fiestas and tablaos and even toured the United States in Manuela Vargas' ballet when Antonio Gades saw her perform. Since then Cristina Hoyos toured Spain and the whole world in her company as the first dancer for twenty years (1968-1988). Also with Gades she starred in the cinematic versions that Carlos Saura made of the three great shows of Gades: Bodas de Sangre (1978), Carmen (1983) and El Amor Brujo (1985). After his separation, Cristina Hoyos formed her own company (1989), with which she confirmed the deserved prestige, both national and international, that she already had.

Among other facets in which Cristina Hoyos has stood out, we must mention her cinematographic or television works, such as the film Torero (1999), Montoyas y Tarantos (1989), by Vicente Escrivá or the series Juncal (1987), by Jaime de Armiñán. We must not forget that it is the driving force behind a pioneering initiative all over the world: the creation of the Flamenco Dance Museum in Seville. An ambitious project that includes the traditional exhibitions of a museum, a stage for dance demonstrations, the presentation of new talent and even a dance school. 

In 1989 she debuted with her company BALLET CRISTINA HOYOS in the Festival de Paris with her first show "SUEÑOS FLAMENCOS" and in 1990 she presented the same work at the Teatro de la Ópera de París - Palais Garnier with a resounding success. It is the first flamenco company to perform in the opera houses of Paris and Stockholm Opera. She choreographed the opera Carmen, directed by Nuria Espert and Zubin Metha for the Covent Garden in London.

In 1992 she performed in the Universal Exhibition of Seville, with YERMA and LO FLAMENCO and in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games. In 1994 she presented her show "CAMINOS ANDALUCES" at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris.

In 1996 she choreographed "Cuadro Flamenco" with Picasso's sets for the Opera Theatre in Nice, choreographed the film "The Hunchback" (The Hunchback) by Peter Medak and debuted with her new show "ARSA Y TOMA", with costumes by Christian Lacroix, at the Teatro de la Opera in Avignon.

In 1999 she presented "AL COMPÁS DEL TIEMPO" and choreography "Las Bodas de Fígaro" directed by José Luis Castro at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville. In 2001 she acted as an actress and dancer, starring in "Carmen 2, le retour" directed by Jerôme Savari.

In 2002 she presented "TIERRA ADENTRO" at the Teatro Principal in Valencia, for which she was awarded the Premio de las Artes Escénicas de la Generalitat Valenciana for the best show.

In 2003 she presented in Los Jardines del Generalife de la Alhambra in Granada the show "YERMA" directed by José Carlos Plaza in front of more than 60,000 spectators. In January 2004 she was appointed director of BALLET FLAMENCO DE ANDALUCÍA. In 2005 she presented at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba the show "VIAJE AL SUR", directed by Ramón Oller, with which they have travelled much of the world. In summer 2006 she presented in the gardens of the Generalife de la Alambra the show "ROMANCERO GITANO", based on the work of Lorca and directed by José Carlos Plaza. The Festival de las Minas de la Unión paid tribute to him in its XLVI edition. 

Among his countless awards, we highlight:


Best Supporting Actress for Carmen - Association of Film Writers


National Dance Prize - Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Gold Medal of Andalusia - Junta de Andalucía


Gold Medal of Fine Arts - Spanish Government


Andalusia Culture Prize - Andalusia Regional Government.

Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters - French Government.


Fitur Award - Seville Tourism Board of Trustees.

Award for Working Women - Junta de Andalucía.

Mayor of Honor - Espinosa de Henares Town Hall.

I Facyde Award - Spanish Federation of Choirs and Dances Associations.

International Presence Award - SGAE Sociadad Gral. de Autores de España.

MAX to the best female dancer.

Tribute -XLIV Potaje de Utrera.

Essential woman in dance award.

Homage to Peña "Juan Talega


Flamenco Biennial Award for the best body of dance


National Flamenco Award for the Flamencology Department of Jerez

Santa Barbara-California Festival of Honour Award.

Gran Teatro de la Habana Award


MAX to the best Female Performer of Dance Scenic AWARD - José Manuel Lara Foundation Culture Awards.

2005 - 2008:

Andalusia Tourism Award:"Ambassador of Andalusia".

Inauguration of a street with his name in Carrión de los Céspedes-Sevilla.

Inauguration of a street with its name in Tomares (Seville).

Cloister of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alcalá de Henares.


Grand Medal of the Villa de Paris (Paris City Council)

2011 Ambassador Award for Tourism and Culture of Beijing (Beijing-China City Council)

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